Sewing Studio Makeover!

For Mother’s Day I wanted to update my mom’s sewing room so she had a bright, happy space to work in and a more functional studio with great craft storage.

She really needed some creative organization ideas, so that’s where I came in!

So I enlisted some extra financial help of my awesome siblings (They live out of state), and I got started!

First I came up with a color theme (bright, bold colors to make the space feel HAPPY) and had one furniture piece in mind to build on (Shelf unit with lots of storage cubes).  Then the design came together from there.

Here are the before pictures……


You can see her desk was slightly…….unorganized.

Here it is cleared off…..

And her sewing machine area needs a little sprucing up…..

And the room needs some, style, some cleaning and brightening up……

So I headed to Hobby Lobby for their spring container sale and had a blast! The container deals here were AWESOME, all of their bright, cheery spring things were 40% off, so I got most of these bins for under $5-10 each; then I found some cute coordinating painted metal buckets and a silverware holder for accessories like scissors and pens and things.

I got a rolly-cart from Michael’s (with a 40% off coupon) And this great 16 square shelf at Ikea (my go-to storage solution spot). Her cart holds all the things she uses on a daily basis to sew.  I used bright odds and ends and my Hobby Lobby finds; including a tray to bring a pop of color to the bottom shelf of the cart.  This doubles as functional to help her not lose pins through the metal mesh cart design.

I made a few personalized wall decor items for her:

This Create sign was made from a pine board; cut, sanded, and painted white with the addition of a saw-tooth hanger on the back (all provided by my adorable and talented husband)  Then I painted these wood letters from Michael’s a soft Rainbow theme and glued them to the board.  Cute huh??

This Monogram letter below represents my mom’s last name AND the Plum Pumpkin, and that she’s Pretty, Polished, Professional, Perky, and Phenomenally Perfect! (I digress….)

To make this one I bought a picture frame and painted it and the wood letter (from Target) a bright yellow, then I used some rainbow scrapbook paper and washi tape from my stash and put the paper behind the glass and decorated the letter with the washi tape, then I Modge Podged the letter to make it shiny and secure the tape, and finally I glued it to the glass and it turned out SO cute!  This monogram wall piece has TONS of potential, and they are in my shop for purchase.  Customization available of course, but think of Father’s Day!?!? Team colors…..Dad’s office… rooms…..farmhouse decor……collage walls….. (I digress AGAIN…..)

I also purchased some other decor items from my favorite Etsy makers (tagged on Instagram in this post), and found some more odds and ends to make the space perfect.

I moved the shelf she had above her desk to above the sewing area and spruced it up with lots of color and more storage options; and here’s the CREATE sign;

Then I moved her desk to the window so she could use this as a cutting and planning station, (she used to have to leave the room and use her dining room table for this part.) Then I tied it all together with these bright melon curtains from Target. (Their cartwheel app is AWESOME, got these beautiful curtains for 20% off , plus my Target debit card standard 5%.)  To add some fun touches to the table I found these cute glass vases at the dollar spot and placed some cute floral stems inside; aren’t they fun right by the window?


Finishing touches include these adorable small chalk boards that we will use to label each bin with.  I secured these to the under side of the shelf with mini command hooks.

More bins……

We organized her large quantity fabric into “bolts” using foam core board, cutting them at 12.5 x 6 inches so they stand vertically in the bins two-deep to save space.  We wrapped the fabric around and secured them with pins (right through the foam core, easy peasy.) So she can easily see what she has available, and it’s bright and fun too!

Her smaller quantity fabrics and scraps will be organized by patterns and colors in folded squares secured by colorful binder clips, or wrapped “jellyroll” style and secured with bright rubber bands.

(Photo to come)

We will store these in clear plastic bins which she can easily see and grab as needed. Her other notions and things are in each bin.

The next thing to do is get her some better lighting, a nicer chair that rolls and adjusts, and then wall #4 which will include another hand painted sign and more shelving and storage.

It’s a work in progress but she LOVED the surprise when she came back from her trip it was done like the pics you see. It took about three days to put the first three sides of the room together; and now I’m helping her organize all her fabrics INTO the bins. I will reveal the other side and final wall when it is complete!

(Photo to come)

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